Howdy - Above is our Locale and Below Are the Vitals

Matthew and Sarah deVito Brown

53 Trestle Creek Road Cerrillos, NM 87010 505.474.9215

Matt Cell:  510.501.0434

Sarah Cell:  501.206.1934

Are You Interested in Staying?  Did You Enjoy a Stay?  How Can We Make It More Enjoyable? We'd Love to Hear from You!




Some Details of the Casa

Our home is on 28 acres at the end of the road which is adjacent to 10,000 acres of federal land. You will be connected to nature!

The land is in the Galisteo River Basin which is an environmentally protected area.  This area is considered one of the historical locations of the Anasazi, the "original people", who may have lived here as long as 10,000 years ago.  The Basin had as many as 20,000 inhabitants in 8 different Pueblos as recently as 1,000 years ago. The River is damned up stream, so it flows only during heavy rains.

Casa de Estrella Bella gets its name from the amazing amount of stars you'll enjoy in the evenings after a spectacular sunset.  

The home is about 1,800 square feet and has:

2 Bedrooms - 1 King and 1 Queen Bed

Master Bath and a Half Bath


Amazing light and views from every direction.

2 Portals for eating under, enjoying the views and grilling (on the south side).

Spacious Living Room and Kitchen in "Old Adobe", which is 2 foot thick walls of rammed earth.  12 foot ceilings with old beams from an decommissioned brewery.  Its warm, cozy and feels like a comfortable pair of shoes.

All new construction with modern appliances, fully equipped everything (including telescope, games, and TV if you really need your fix), and small details that bring the home to life.  By the way, Sarah is an architect and builder ... hence all the wonderful spaces and small details.

If you have extra people, the Airstream fits 5 easily on a Queen, Double and Twin Bed.  We've had as many as 11 people stay comfortably, though you may need to take turns with the bathrooms.

Satellite internet and wifi.  Its not super fast, but it does the trick.  It will not work during big storms, but those do not last too long.

Amtrak rails are on our southern border.  They cruise by only 2x a day. 

And, the home is filled with both old and new furniture and some nice (at least to us) art we hope you will enjoy and respect (please, no touching).

As for central location:

-  75 minutes from ABQ airport

-  30 minutes to the Plaza, i.e. historic downtown Santa Fe

-  20 minutes to South Santa Fe for movies, malls, etc.

-  35 minutes to Opera House

-  60 minutes to Tent Rocks and fewer to Lake Cochiti

-  75 minutes or less to Bandelier National Park, Puye Cliff dwellings, Los Alamos, Chimayo and Nambe.

-  8 minutes to Madrid (old mining town turned art colony with a couple restaurants and coffee house)

-  0 minutes to hiking, nature, sun, moon and stars.